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By July 20, 2018 Business Advice, Life

Firstly, I want to welcome you back to my site and say that I hope you’re doing amazing. I couldn’t be more pumped to be back to work and I look forward to interacting with you again in the comments and on social media.

Before we dive in,  I have to apologize to anyone who’s reached out via email and not received a response. I moved this site to a new server and like a doofus forgot that I also needed to redirect my email accounts to follow. If you’ve messaged me without a response, please email me once more and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 🙂

Today, I’m both sharing some insight and reaching out to you for some help.

Some accountability if you will…

I’ve written here on the blog about some personal issues that I’ve allowed to hold me back in life and many of you have reached out to empathize similar struggles. While things are improving on my end, I’m determined to speed up the pace at which things get back to normal and want to help others accomplish the same success.

Today isn’t about getting a punchy kick sound, but that shouldn’t stop you from sticking with me. The response from my previous posts about business and life blew me away and I’m confident that we can help each other.

That brings me to this…

Your Schedule is Your Friend

I’ve never been great at keeping a schedule but recently read on the importance of managing a calendar. Dr. Jordan Peterson has blown up online recently with his self-help/self-accountability messages and I want to share a clip from a recent interview where he talks about this.

Please watch this short clip (3 mins)

My favorite thing he said was to “plan the kind of day you want to have as if you’re taking care of yourself”.


Do you wake up dreading your job? Is it a battle to get up and drag yourself off to whatever responsibilities you have on any given day? For me, it’s been hard to face the mountain of incomplete projects that I built for myself.

Whatever your mountain is, it could be as simple as sitting down for one hour to determine the kind of life you want to live and then scheduling your time to not only account for responsibilities but also the things you enjoy doing.

When I first heard Peterson say this I took a deep breath and then smacked myself on the forehead. It’s so simple, yet brilliant!

“You won’t hit a target unless you aim for it” – Jordan Peterson

Here’s an exercise I learned from watching multiple Peterson clips and his Future Authoring Program that serves as the foundation for scheduling the life you want to live.

Step 1: Write down what you want your life to be like in 3-5 years. What’s your vision for yourself?

Step 2: Write down the counter vision of step 1. What could your life be like if you let all of your bad habits win?

One way to look at steps 1 and 2 is to list out what your “heaven on earth” might look like and then also what “hell on earth” would be if you failed to change paths. Be descriptive and don’t hold back. Especially when dealing with step 2. Hell on earth isn’t fun to think about, but it can happen and it sucks. Creating a clear picture of how bad things could get can and will help drive us towards the things we truly want and need.

If you want to really dive deep into this exercise, you’ll find more success by categorizing steps 1 and 2 like this:

  1. Intimate relationship
  2. Family
  3. Education
  4. Care of your mental and physical health
  5. Strategies for temptations such as drugs and alcohol abuse
  6. Useful management of your time outside of your obligations (work, bills, etc)

Time to Plan/Schedule

I want to try something new with this blog.

I’m going to share my vision for my businesses and a schedule to completion for projects on my plate in the hopes that 1. it’ll be public and add weight to completing them, and 2. It’ll inspire you to share your vision and schedule so we can be in this together.

Life’s tough enough without some help and I’m a big believer in collaboration. By sharing our goals publicly my hope is that we’ll accomplish them together.

Here goes nothing!

My business is broken down into multiple ventures. It all stems from this site, David Glenn Recording. I run a membership site (The Mix Academy), sell online courses (DGR Products), offer coaching services (Mix Like the Pros), and a business course called Audio For Profit.

Below is a breakdown of the schedule I’ve created for myself to not only play catch up but to move forward towards thriving.

One last thing to keep in mind is that I’ve built these deadlines to be realistically obtainable. Some of them will be accomplished much sooner than listed, but I’ve learned recently how life can throw unexpected curve balls at us so I’m being fairly conservative with these dates.

David Glenn Recording

The engine room of my business. I have tons planned, but effective immediately I’ll be releasing a minimum of one piece of content each week. Ideally, I’ll be releasing more soon, but I have to put the priority in the below ventures until things are caught up.

Tasks and estimated completion dates:

  1. Emails… Lots and lots of emails… | 2 hours per day until everyone has been responded to
  2. Create and share one article or video each week | Immediate
  3. Brainstorm and add new free stuff to the site | September 1st
  4. Record more tutorials for YouTube (tons of new ideas!) | September 1st

The Mix Academy

I’ve been down with pneumonia of all things for the past 6 weeks or so. It’s been miserable, but while my voice was shot and I haven’t been able to do any tutorials, I have been working on rebranding The Mix Academy. I’m pumped for what’s been done and to come in TMA and I can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

For starters, the site has been redesigned and the user experience has been drastically improved. I’ve restructured the way tutorials are made and added some sweet bonuses for both new and existing members.

I’ve also established a vision for how TMA can stand out in a sea of online mixing sites. It didn’t take but a few mins of searching the comments of other YouTube channels to realize that a major issue a lot of you have with mixing is that you’re not working with the best of recordings. The more I searched on YouTube the more I read about how dealing with poorly recorded tracks makes it tough to use the same techniques that you see the big dogs like CLA, Tony Maserati, Manny Marroquin, etc. using.

With this in mind, I’ve rebranded The Mix Academy to be “Mixing for the rest of us mere mortals”. A place where we’ll not only get you some great sounding tracks to help build your resume but to be THE place for learning how to deal with less than stellar recordings and turn them into radio-ready mixes.

Have you heard the saying, “You can’t polish a turd”? Well, the response to that could be “nope, but you can spray paint it and roll it in glitter!”. Haha. Inside of TMA, members will learn how to make the best out of poor or even really terrible situations.

Buckle up! It’s going to be a blast mixing with you again inside of The Mix Academy!

Still to come in TMA, I’m working on adding the entire back catalog into the site. I need to design the search function and tagging for the archives. This is a priority next to getting all of the videos uploaded.

Tasks and estimated completion dates:

  1. Site redesign | Completed!
  2. New sales page and member’s area dashboard | Completed!
  3. New bonuses added to the membership | Completed!
  4. Improve the account profile section (view invoices, cancellation buttons, etc.) | Completed!
  5. Select and upload new songs (multitracks) | Completed!
  6. Export and upload late tutorials | Due ASAP (All by August 1st)
  7. Host a new mix contest | Possibly in August… Most likely in September
  8. Record new mastering segment with my good friend, Joey Fernandez. | Begining in August 
  9. Survey members and improve site experience based on feedback | Survey in September
  10. Relaunch as TMA 2.0 | In progress

Click here to learn more about The Mix Academy 2.0

Mix Like the Pros (Coaching Program)

I launched a coaching program late last year and there’s work to be done to catch a handful of students up.

Tasks and estimated completion dates:

  1. Reach out to every student with bonus courses and an individual plan | ASAP (Completed by August 1st)
  2. Follow up with any students who still haven’t completed the full program and set a schedule | ASAP (Completed by August 1st)
  3. Evaluate program details and pricing before the relaunch in August/September | Before the end of August/early September

Click here to learn more about Mix Like the Pros, 90-day coaching program

Audio For Profit

My flagship business course for musicians and engineers. Several new mini-courses are in the works to catch members up. High priority!

Tasks and estimated completion dates:

  1. Content marketing course files to the site (upload pending) | ASAP
  2. Mini-course outline and articles/videos to the site | ASAP
  3. New business articles and content to drive traffic | Mid September

Click here to learn more about Audio For Profit

DGR Courses

I’ve outlined several new courses covering a wide range of topics. These are on the back burner until the above priorities are completed.

Tasks and estimated completion dates:

  1. None for now

Click here to check out my full line of recording and mixing products

(Use the code SAVE50 for 50% off in July of 2018)

Your Turn

I’d love to hear from you in the comments down below OR in the DGR Facebook Group. What are you working on? Do you have a schedule? Can you relate to feeling overwhelmed and making little to no progress?

Let’s help each other. There’s over 20,000 of you receiving this message. If even a handful takes me up on this accountability exercise we should see some success together. Post your schedule/goals either down below or in the FB group and let’s make some noise!

Until next week… Happy mixing!


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