Introducing Producing & Mixing Volume 1


This has been a long time coming… The beast is finally unleashed in this new course called Producing & Mixing Volume 1.

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The journey begins with an artist interview. Our client and CCM artist, Arthur G. presents us with multiple song ideas to pick from for the first single. We’ll choose the song, track a scratch track and show off the entire record making process in an easy to follow video series.

Each step of the way we feature downloadable multitracks for you to use to make your own version of the song. You’ll be free to add, delete, and tweak our production to your taste before using the song to build your producing or mixing resume.

The course includes over 6 hours of video breaking down everything from chord structure and lyrics review, beat production, recording bass, guitars, vocals and more all the way through to editing, mixing and mastering the song before releasing it to the world.

All of this, done in my home studio with affordable gear, instruments, and plugins.

For a limited time, there are several exciting bonuses available in our pro and elite bundles including a free metering plugin from Mastering the called Levels.

Other bonuses include custom video mix critiques, 1 on 1 Skype consulting sessions and more.

Take your music production skills to the next level by jumping on Producing & Mixing Volume 1 today.

♬ Click here to learn more or to jump on the intro sale price now!


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