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By May 27, 2015 Mixing

Vocals are the most important element in just about every style of music. Exceptions are rare, which is why I have spent a great deal of time covering the art of mixing vocals in numerous tutorials, through both free and premium courses.

Below are some of my most popular free tutorials ever. If you dig them, I know you’ll love the premium training found here:

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Did you enjoy the videos? Is something still bothering you about your vocal mixes? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  • Leron Stokes says:

    Hey Mr. Glenn
    I am a huge fan of your Work the work you have done throughout your career has been very inspiring. I appreciate the lessons you have shared over time. I have a question about working with a two track instrumental imported in a pro tools session. I rap over the instrumental thats premixed already and mix my vocals to fit to the track. But I always wondered how could I get better control over a beat without all the seperate instrument files? what is the best way to mix a vocal along with a two track instrumental to make it sound professional like I had access to the whole beat files? If there is anything you can teach me I would gladly appreciate it. How would you approach mixing a hip hop song with vocals if you didn’t have access to all of the instrument files, but had all the different tracks for vocals? Is there any type of way to make do with what you have with pro tools stock plugins that can glue everything together as if I had acces to all the files. I just don’t want the vocals to over power the beat nor do I want the beat to overpower the song. I just like control over everything and want it to sound pretty professional

    • Thanks for the message Leron. Big questions my man! Tough to answer in one sitting but here are some thoughts…

      When dealing with a two track we simply don’t have much control. However, most instruments have fundamental frequencies that we can manipulate with EQ. For instance, if the kick isn’t very loud, you can take an eq with a tight Q and boost some punch or low end. The bass? Maybe it’s not cutting on smaller speakers… Try duplicating the track, adding a high cut filter to about 100 hz and applying something like RBass to this duplicate track to enhance the upper harmonics of the bass. Vocals too loud? Cutting between 800 and 2k will probably bring them down some. These are general examples that you’ll learn with time and experience. 😉

      As far as vocals over a two track, I would mix them just like any song. Listen for what the music is doing and if the vocals aren’t cutting or sitting on top the way you’d like, try removing some of the 800-2khz in the two track. MS EQ is great for this. Small amounts of delay like slapback delay (80-200ms) can help to sit a vocal into a track as well.

      I hope those help man! Thanks for the support!


  • Durwood says:

    I rap over vinyl stereo. Parallel processing is what gives my vocals presence. I copy the whole mono vocal and click drag it in solo so my custom delay feeds into itself funkily in a cappela. Then I bring in the beat and low cut my duplicate and compress, etc. have fun and try all sorts of fx on that copied vox track. It’s ok to squish too because this is blended in at low volume so it’s felt rather than heard.

  • Welbeck says:

    Hi David…I am Welbeck from Ghana-Africa. I have really enjoyed watching your videos and they have helped me a lot.I will love to have a copy of Mixing Vocals to improve my mixes but i cant afford and dont have the means to purchase. I would be glad if you could please help me out.I would also like you to be my mentor and tutor me if possible. Hoping to hear from u soon.

  • Jamie Brown says:

    I want some of the proggies!!!! I am waiting on my new computer to come next month!!!!

  • Hey David,
    Just wanted to say thanks to you 🙂
    I’m a 16 year old hobby producer and I’m trying to learn mixing correctly.
    You really helped me out a lot of times, thanks!

  • siamak says:

    Hi David
    could you tell me the diffrences between a limiter and a compressor limiter ,
    I mean that when we use a limiter and when we use a compressor limiter?
    thank you very much

  • Joshua says:

    Before I purchase your mixing pack. My question to you is this all lessons showing me how to mix vocals using waves Mercury? Also, it had 3 other videos for extra $47. Will those videos be useful for my goals in basic mixing? Let me know asap please. Thanks!

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