Want a Free Mix? We’re Taking Submissions!

If you’re a band, artist, or music maker of any genre, we are officially accepting submissions for a free mix by yours truly.

The only condition is that you must be 100% okay with the files being shared with members of The Mix Academy or customers of my courses be it through David Glenn Recording or Pro Mix Academy.

Every member or customer receives a copy of the files and turns around their own mix of your song where they can share their version on their resume or website. Artists/Bands will be credited accordingly for each of these samples used. 🙂

To submit your song(s) please send us an email with an included mp3 OR Dropbox link for us to hear what you’ve got. We’ll be sorting them and contacting you back if you’re selected.

In addition to the free mix and master of your song, we may ask to do a skype interview where you could be featured on our YouTube channel and/or within The Mix Academy.

Thanks in advance for your submissions! I’m excited to hear your work!

David Glenn Kulp, Jr.
Producer/Engineer/Audio Mentor

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  1. One question…is this exclusively for mix academy members? We are having very serious financial problems due to outside circumstances we cannot control. If it is not a requirement to be a part of the academy, we would like to send you some possible submissions. Songs that were well liked but not selected in certain A&R Submission requests. (not radio ready or whatever.)
    Thanks and let us know?

    Marty Weeks

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